Who can apply to the Trust?

Although the Trust’s purposes are widely stated, the Trustees have decided to narrow the focus of the Trust at this time.  If you are considering applying to the Trust for funding, please can you check that you meet each of the following criteria:-

  • You must be a charity that is registered with either the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) or the Charity Commission for England and Wales;
  • The Trust will only provide funding for projects/charitable purposes that operate in or which provide public benefit in Scotland.  You will be asked to provide details of this; and
  • The project/charitable purposes for which you seek funding must fall into one or more of the following categories:-
  1. The advancement of health, including the prevention and relief of sickness, disease or human suffering;
  2. The relief of those in need by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or some other disadvantage;
  3. The advancement of the arts, heritage and culture; or
  4. The advancement of animal welfare.

If you do not meet each of these criteria, please do not submit an application at this time.  The Trustees keep the Trust's priorities under regular review and may amend these criteria from time to time.  Details of any changes will be shown on our website.  If your charity does not presently qualify for funding, it may therefore be eligible to apply for funding at a later date.

The Trustees can also invite such other charities as they may select personally and that fall within the Trust's wider purposes to submit an application directly.

If in doubt, please contact Anderson Strathern.