About the Trust

Roderick Forbes Jones, better known as Roddy, was a much loved family man and a retired director of the family business who lived in Fife, Scotland. It was with enormous sadness to his family, many friends and former business colleagues that he passed away in 2016 from cancer.

Roddy enjoyed life. He had many different interests and hobbies and was a great supporter of the arts. He had a strong sense of social responsibility and gave generously throughout his lifetime to a wide range of charities.

Roddy was keen to provide a lasting legacy for the charitable causes he believed in. Roddy was also keen to involve his family and ensure that they could benefit the charities of their choice. It was therefore with great enthusiasm and vision for the future that Roddy set up The Jones Family Charitable Trust. The Trust was registered by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator on 26 July 2016 with the charity number SCO46743. Roddy also made provision for the Trust in his Will, to benefit on his death.

Roddy’s family share his strong sense of social responsibility and are extremely proud to be involved in the Trust. The Trust also has a number of external trustee appointments.

Roddy Jones

Roddy Jones